Who is Kathy Hubbard?

Answer: Homosexual Partner of Annise Parker


Born: August 4, 1949



2003: Parker with daughter Daniela, life partner Kathy, and daughter Marquitta at her victory party. No males in this picture.


Annise Parker, Janice Kinchion and Kathy Hubbard


Not professionally State licensed under Ann Katherine Hubbard


Kathy Hubbard is Campaign Treasurer for Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas Action Fund, Inc.  PAC. The Texas Ethics Commission has requested herr esponse to a sworn complaint regarding numerous campaign financing violations.


The purpose of the PPHST Action Fund mission is to empower political candidates who believe in the legalized killing of babies. Approximately 1,000,000 will be killed in 2009 and 2010. Ms. Hubbard, while parenting two children sees no harm in killing the very kind of beings her children were when they were supposedly inside the safest place in the world - a mother’s womb.


Regrettably, voters have chosen her life partner Annise Parker for Mayor of Houston, TX. Voters in so doing endorse both homosexuality AND baby killing.  Abby Johnson, Director of Planned Parenthood of Bryan College Station resigned when she saw a 3D ultrasound of an abortion.


Hubbard is also Campaign Treasurer of Annise Parker for Mayor for which exists a sworn complaint for additional numerous reporting violations – copy available.